Paris Jackson Claps Again At Critics Of Her And Emile Hirsch’s Age Hole!

When I realized how close I was Paris jackson and Emile Hirsch Really, many went to their platforms to pop their friendship, arguing that their age difference was just too big not to feel uncomfortable and weird. As you may know, Michael Jackson’s daughter is 22 years old while the actor is 35 years old!

In response to the criticism, Paris made it clear that Emile is indeed one of their “youngest homies”!

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During the launch of their mutual friend’s Pizza Girl Company, Paris posed with Emile and shared the cozy picture on social media.

She also took this opportunity to allay concerns about her age gap amid dating rumors.

One user wrote: “This relationship makes me uncomfortable.”

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This caught the attention of Paris and it made it clear that they are just friends and also address the age issue.

“He’s actually one of the youngest homies of mine, one of my best friends in his fifties. You probably don’t have friends older than you because the elders might find you annoying or immature, lol, ”she clapped back.

And she wasn’t finished yet! Paris added, “Not to mention another close friend of mine who is 76 years old. Age is a number, I just enjoy the company of people of all ages. I am the student and teach people from 5 years younger than me to 50 years older than me. there is nothing wrong with that. ‘

So here, folks, Paris isn’t with Emile, but she doesn’t see anything wrong with her age difference of 13 years either!

Meanwhile, Paris Jackson has reportedly been focusing on her music career lately.

As fans know, she released her solo debut album called Wilted not that long ago.


In addition, Paris often uses her voice for causes that are really close to her heart, such as environmental issues and animal rights!

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