Philly Man Revamped His Kitchen With No Contracting

While some of us worked on passion projects during quarantine, Philly-resident Nico took it to a whole different level! He has redesigned his entire kitchen and the result is amazing. He documented the entire process and shared it on his social media platforms. He told TSR that quarantine brought its own sense of depression. Before buying his house, he loved cooking, but his kitchen, which did not meet his standards, prevented him from cooking. Nico decided to take matters into his own hands by remodeling the kitchen.

He received an offer from Home Depot for $ 13,000 and decided to bet on himself and do so without their help. Since his father was a general contractor, he had an idea what to do, but this was his first time doing such a project on his own. While documenting the trip, he mentioned meeting an electrician he hired to help with the renovations when he was buying supplies from Home Depot.

Nico installed a new wall, upgraded to stainless steel appliances and even added a nice tiled floor. Not to mention the granite countertops and the perfect abstract backsplash he added.

He didn’t stop there. He even added upgraded white cabinets to complete the look. He did a great job overall and only spent $ 7,000 on the kitchen. It took a total of three months for the project to be completed. It was still faster than what the Home Depot quoted him, however, and it saved him $ 8,000!

Roommate, what do you think of this transformation ?!

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