Plaid & Hawaiian Shirts, Hoodies, Bernie Cutout & Lovely Youngsters – .

Since the Golden Globes ceremony was virtual, the dress code for several nominees who opted for a more casual look was anything but formal.

Social media got excited about the Hawaiian shit they were playing on Sunday night Bill Murray, nominated for his role in On the Rocks, which completed the tropical atmosphere with a martini in hand and sunshine and green behind.

Jeff Daniels, a contestant for The Comey Rule, also became an instant social media darling, wearing a plaid flannel shirt in a plain room that received its own Twitter recognition for its many, many doors.

Ted Lassos Jason Sudeikis, Nominee and winner for Actor In a Comedy Series and nominee for Comedy Series, turned heads with his tie-dye hoodie.

Minari’s Lee Isaac Chung says the film “goes deeper than any other foreign language” after winning the Golden Globes

He later stated that he chose the garment to show “family pride”.

“I think when people you care about do cool, interesting things that you should support,” he said. “So it’s no different. I have a variety of hoodies that I could have worn for a variety of things that I believe in and support. You know, this one seemed the best. “

Golden Globes presenter Joaquin Phoenix wore the hoodie fashion trend to the Beverly Hills Hotel and got dressed as it took the stage in Los Angeles.

Another moderator, Sandra Oh, decided on a parka when she showed her 2019 Golden Globes co-host Andy Samberg, a Palm Springs-based film with a luge dinosaur.

Also a prop you wouldn’t see at a personal Golden Globes ceremony, Nomadland director Chloe Zhao Raising a green ceramic mug to celebrate.

winner John Boyega (Little Ax) proudly displayed the sweatpants he wore with his tuxedo top, a relatable formal-informal Zoom attire.

Co-winners Jodie Foster (The Mauritanian) and her wife both wore fancy pajamas.

Some nominees who zoomed in from home got creative with their backgrounds.

Jared Leto (and his extravagant, oversized boutonniere) sat in front of his white shelves “straight from IKEA”.

Meanwhile Ratched Cynthia Nixon had a clip of Bernie Sanders in his gloves from the inauguration behind her and her family.

Nixon was one of many nominees to attend the virtual ceremony with their children, who often stole the show. That includes the Minari filmmaker Lee Isaac Chungis adorable little daughter and Mark Ruffalo‘s children who couldn’t contain their excitement when their fathers won. Other famous actors who pose with their young children were The Undoing’s Nicole Kidman, Ozarks Jason Bateman and music Kate Hudsonwho had put together a large family group.

Pets weren’t as well represented on the show, though Regina King’s dog stole the spotlight in her pre-show interview. Wearing the flag was for cute furry companions during the ceremony promoteThe dog is wearing a bow that matches Foster’s outfit.

Click the image above to open the gallery of the most memorable images of the Golden Globes at home.

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