Plies Holds Funeral Service For His Gold Tooth (Video)

A change comes with a new year, and it looks like Plies decided to change the way he looks – starting with his teeth.

The Florida rapper posted a video online holding a memorial service for his good teeth. In true Plies fashion, it was pure comedy.

He added the words to the video: “I just removed and buried my golden teeth !!!!!! 😳 I never thought that this day would come in a million years !! I wanted an uplift so I stepped out of faith !!! I ate some good pw * ssy with them teeth doe !!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I heard women love men with pretty smiles !!!! 😉 #Stay tuned #Lays #Shawty #PlentyMoney #Rock #BustItBaby # Drip4Sale

While honoring his teeth with a funeral service, Plies explained, “Today is a very sad day, all of you. It’s a very sad day, ”music is playing in the background. Plies continued, “We are all gathered here today to bury my golden teeth. I finally did it, man. I finally took out my old gold teeth. “

During the ceremony, Plies also stated, “But in the future it’s a different me.”

Plies took out a small spoon to dig a shallow grave for his golden teeth and said, “Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me those golden teeth.” he went on, sprinkle dirt on the box.

He has not yet revealed his new look. But you know we’ll keep you posted, Roomies.

As you know, gold teeth have been a staple for Plies since it first stepped on stage in 2007.

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