Plies Says Ladies Who Get Plastic Surgical procedure Appeal to ‘Ugly N***as With Cash’ (Video)

Plies is no stranger when it comes to making us laugh and having conversations about everyday topics. On Tuesday, Plies did just that with a message that was just over 2 minutes long.

In a video posted on Instagram, Plies revealed that women undergoing plastic surgery only attract “ugly” men with money.

While having a conversation with his girlfriend, he told her that handsome men are not interested in perfect bodies. The only men who do that are the ones who are not so easy on the eyes but have money.

He asked his homegirl: “Do you know what you’re doing all this for? Who do you attract I said, “An ugly guy with some mother money. You know who cares[s] over looks more than anyone in the world? An ugly king, damn ugly. ‘”

Plies then said to his followers, “Look around your city, online, anywhere. Find a mother woman who took care of all of this and I guarantee it will be ugly to stand next to her.

“He wants perfection because he couldn’t get it all his life,” added Plies.

“I’m just telling you that you know what to choose. Good looking and feeling like they can make everything look good. “

Lastly, Plies also mentioned that he will receive the COVID-19 vaccine. He tweeted, “I will be vaccinated as soon as I get the first chance. How I look I put things in my body every day I don’t know where it comes from. When I trusted the Weed Man (whom I didn’t know), I ate from the food truck outside the club, got drunk with Hennessy & Red Bull & survived. I should be Str8! “

As you know, other public figures including President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Dr. Fauci, publicly received the vaccine to help the public gain confidence in the vaccination.

What do you think of his message, roomies?

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