Porsha Williams Shares The Funniest Pictures With Her Child Lady, PJ

Porsha Williams shared a few pictures Pilar Jhenaand the people are full of awe. Check out some of the latest pictures she posted on her social media account below.

Porsha said, “I literally get up 🤯❤️ twinning,” and another follower wrote, “She looked just like Porsha when Porsha was a little girl. Twins definitely. ‘

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Someone else said, ‘Dennis Zwilling, she’s beautiful 😍pm and another follower posted this:’ I always knew she looked like mom. Beautiful baby ❤️❤️ ‘

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One commentator said, ‘Pretty PJ’. Porsha, she always looks so cute. 🥺🥺 ‘and another follower said,’ Dear Cutiepie @pilarjhena U is just the most beautiful little girl. Go on like you’re driving mom and dad crazy and bringing us the smiles of the outside world. Thank you, we appreciate your little one. The world is waiting for you to grow but is enjoying being pampered by your family forever. # Greatjob # Mom & # Dad !!! U guys do a good job. !!! ‘

Someone else said, “Oh, my toddler has the same jacket that is so cute,” and another follower said, “Hi PJ, you’re a doll who loves your outfit and your hair, little Porsha.”

One commenter said, “PJ, you’re beautiful and adorable, so cute,” and someone else wrote, “Wow, she will [email protected]@ no longer baby PJ Moma, she grows in all of you. ‘

In other news, Porsha Williams is back with a new season of her podcast – check out season two and the message she posted on her social media account.

‘#Swipe 🎉🎉We are back with a brand new season of laughter, love, and frank conversation the only family can have. New episodes of Porsha4Real start on Wednesday March 17th! ‘


Read a previous article to see the full message she shared on her social media account.

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