Prince Philip Undergoes Coronary heart Surgical procedure – Replace On His Well being And Hospitalization!

According to recent reports, this is not just the case Prince Philip He will stay in the hospital longer than expected after not feeling well. He actually had heart surgery! That’s right, only 3 months before his 100th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II’s partner is recovering from a “successful” heart operation!

Prince Philip has been closely monitored by medical specialists since he first showed up at King Edward VII Hospital on February 16, so they were quick to find out what was wrong with his health.

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He just wasn’t feeling very well at the time, but his health has been deteriorating for some time. Therefore, it was recommended that doctors closely monitor him, although this was only viewed as a “precautionary measure”.

The palace announced at the time that the Duke’s admission was a precautionary measure on the advice of His Royal Highness Doctor after feeling uncomfortable. The Duke is expected to stay in the hospital for a few days to observe and rest. «

Since he was previously relocated to St. Bartholomew’s, a specialized heart hospital, fans of the Royal family I had already suspected that something was wrong with the very important organ.

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Now the Palace has issued a statement confirming: “The Duke of Edinburgh went through a successful trial yesterday at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital for a pre-existing heart condition. HRH will be staying in the hospital for a few days for treatment, rest and recovery. ‘

This also further confirms that his health problems were definitely not caused by COVID-19.

After all, both Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were vaccinated!

Meanwhile, his son, Prince Charles, appears to have visited his father in the hospital on February 20.


The heir to the throne, accompanied by the security forces, came through a back door and entered.

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