Rioters Adopted a Lengthy Conspiratorial Street to the Capitol

“We knew Brendan Hunt back in 2013 when he attacked Sandy Hook families,” said Lenny Pozner, whose son was killed at school and who founded the HONR Network, an organization of volunteers who work to remove harmful online content endeavor. “I’m not surprised that he got more radical.”

“Once people join the concept that the government is an evil organization that is trying every step of the way to harm them, it becomes easy for people to essentially radicalize themselves and find others to agree,” he added added.

Mr. Hunt was assigned a public defense attorney who refused to comment on Tuesday.

Sandy Hook was the first American mass shooting to spark viral, fantastic claims that it was a false event staged by the Obama administration as a pretext for the confiscation of American firearms. Since then, virtually every high profile mass shooting has spawned similar theories.

Ms. Greene, who was elected to Congress in November, has been promoting false theories for years, including about mass shootings. On Tuesday, CNN reported that Ms. Greene indicated support for commentators recommending violence against democratic leaders on her Facebook page in 2018 and 2019. In January 2019, CNN reported, Ms. Greene “liked a comment that said a bullet in the head would be faster to remove House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi.” In response, Ms. Greene posted a statement on Twitter attributing the inflammatory content to “teams of people” “managing my pages.”

During their 2020 campaign, Politico ditched their social media accounts, uncovering Islamophobic conspiracy theories and the false claim that George Soros, a wealthy Democratic donor, was a Nazi. After calling the 2020 presidential election a “fraudulent, stolen election”, Ms. Greene and 146 other Republicans voted against the confirmation of the electoral census that officially declared Mr. Biden the winner on Jan. 6. The day before the Capitol uprising, she described the Stop the Steal protests as “our moment of 1776”.

In 2018 she wrote on Facebook: “Those in power stop the truth and control and block investigations and then offer cover for the real enemies of our nation.”

When a Jamestown, NY supporter made false claims about the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and said Sandy Hook was “staged,” Ms. Greene replied, “This is all true.” The post was published last week by Media Matters for America, a liberal group that oversees conservative news and media coverage.

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