Self-importance Honest Adores the Concept of a ‘Information-Cycle Slowdown’ Beneath Sleepy Joe

Vanity Fair media reporter Joe Pompeo speculated on Friday about how reporters’ lives would improve if Donald Trump lost. “Will the news cycle slow down for the political reporters burned out in Trumpian chaos? A Biden presidency would likely be quieter – no pre-dawn Twitter abuse, attacks by the “people’s enemy” or endless scandal – and less leakage too. “

Pompeo knows life wouldn’t be that exciting – because none of these reporters want to make life difficult for Joe Biden. One Conservative tweeted: “They basically come out and tell us that if Biden wins, they’ll be going back on vacation.”

But Pompeo claimed Trump would no longer endanger reporters:

Last Tuesday, two days after CBS hit 17 million viewers on Sunday night’s broadcast of the Steel Interview, TMZ reported that “a death threat” “hit the home of one of their immediate family members on the west coast. We have learned that the network has guards who monitor the homes of Lesley and her family members and escort them when they go out in public. “(CBS declined to comment.)

The steel episode was a shining example of how the dogged and dangerous anti-press rhetoric of the president cast the media as one of the villains of the Trump drama. Trump presented his strategy to Stahl shortly after winning the 2016 election – “I’m doing it to discredit you all and humiliate you all,” he reportedly said – and he has not given in in the past four years.

For journalists, death threats now only come with the territory. The same goes for doxing or attacking a campaign event or risking personal safety and general wellbeing. It doesn’t matter how a hint of anti-First Amendment sentiment is in the air, or whether it is malicious attacks to discredit honest and truthful reporting, or the terrifyingly widespread rejection of reality brought by sketchy social media accounts and propaganda cable message hosts.

Pompeo cannot imagine how this last line can be turned against the liberals – because he assumes that all journalists are liberals. Now think about the Hunter Biden scandals and those “Malicious attacks to discredit honest and truthful reporting, or the terrifying ubiquitous denial of reality propagated by sketchy social media [ahem, barons] and cable propaganda message hosts. “

Does Joe Pompeo care if a liberal threatens the New York Post with death threats? Or do the “propagandists” deserve to be intimidated?

Pompeo reached out to his sidekick in Joe Hagan magazine, who said on a podcast, “The complete focus of attention around Trump’s news cycle – it is the media equivalent of Kim Jong Un banners on every wall, on every building in North Korea. “If Joe Biden wins the election, there will inevitably be a crash in tweets and doom scrolling, as well as web traffic, subscriptions, and cable news ratings. Where ‘we as journalists, we as whatever you do have to come back into your life and what a relief that will be.’ ‘

When Democrats are in power, reporters can take it easy, work 9 to 5, and insist that the boredom of the Democrats who run the country is a blessing, not a curse. And “there would be no one behind the seal of the president who describes reporters as shameful and fake” – unless you were a conservative reporter who asks questions Biden does not want to ask.

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