Sky Historical past Cancels ‘The Chop’ After Nazi Tattoo Controversy – .

Sky History, the British joint venture television broadcaster of A + E Networks UK and Comcast’s own Sky, has canceled its reality competition series The Chop: Britain’s Top Woodworker after questions emerged as to whether a candidate had Nazi tattoos on his face .

A + E Networks UK took The Chop off the air last week pending an investigation into the ink by Darren Lumsden. This research found that the series cannot return to screens as the icons on Lumsden’s face “may be linked to far-right ideologies and may offend”.

Under Lumsden’s markings, the number 88 is to be highlighted, a white supremacist numerical code for Heil Hitler. The carpenter has denied any connection with right-wing extremist groups and said the 88 symbolized the year of his father’s death. However, that claim has been challenged after MailOnline found out that Lumsden’s father was safe and sound.

Sky History takes ‘The Chop’ off air amid claims the candidate has Nazi tattoos on his face

A spokesperson for A + E Networks UK said: “Following an independent investigation, AETN UK has decided not to air any further episodes of The Chop on Sky HISTORY. One participant’s tattoos contained symbols associated with right-wing extremist ideologies that could offend. We sincerely apologize and apologize that our litigation has not prompted further investigation at an earlier stage.

“The candidate continues to vigorously deny that he has or ever had right-wing extremist tendencies. After the investigation, we thoroughly review our internal processes. AETN UK and Sky HISTORY stand against racism and hate speech of all kinds. “

Chop producer Big Wheel Film & Television made a statement that it acted in good faith and fully cooperated with the investigation throughout the creation of the Sky History show.

“Big Wheel Film & Television has acted professionally, appropriately and in good faith throughout the production of The Chop, with strict due diligence and due diligence from casting to delivery,” said a spokesman.

“All issues, issues and concerns identified with Darren Lumsden’s tattoos during production have been reported in full up to A + E, and the sender’s instructions and directions have been followed closely. Big Wheel Film & Television cooperated fully with the independent investigation initiated by A + E, providing details of relevant processes, discussions and exchanges, as well as supporting documents and documents.

“Big Wheel Film & Television opposes all forms of hatred and intolerance, is committed to the highest professional standards and always tries to treat people fairly.”


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