Snapchat Provides Highlight Characteristic, Awarding $1M A Day For Most “Entertaining” Posts – .

Snap Inc. is adding a new product feature to Snapchat called Spotlight, which will promote the posts it thinks are most entertaining on its social platform.

As an added incentive for users to take on the new role, Snap also plans to be giving away at least $ 1 million per day through the end of 2020. The award can be shared or shared by individuals.

Popularity rankings are determined by a “proprietary formula,” the company said in a blog post. Variables in the formula reflect how people interact with the messages. This is captured by unique views, viewing time and the number of people who prefer them. Spotlight winners don’t have to come from users with public accounts or from established content creators like influencers or celebrities.

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In this sense, according to the blog post, the feature should “reward creativity in a fair and entertaining way”. The company’s five-tab navigation announced earlier this year now includes a Spotlight tab in the lower-right corner of the home screen.

COVID-19 has fueled the fortunes of a number of mobile and social offerings. Snap saw its daily users increase 18% to 249 million in the third quarter. It is also said that sales rose 52%, with a small gain in contrast to the loss Wall Street expected. The company’s shares last hit record highs, closing trading at 44.29 on Friday, up 5% on the day.

Spotlight launches in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France. More countries will be added soon.

Compared to social rivals Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat has not received intense criticism of its role in spreading harmful material. Still, the company emphasizes that Spotlight will “prohibit the spread of false information (including conspiracy theories), misleading content, hate speech, explicit or profane content, bullying, harassment, violence and much more.” All messages sent to Spotlight must also comply with Community Guidelines.

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