Sofia Richie Comes To Bat For Olivia Jade Following Her Pink Desk Discuss Appearence

Sofia Richie stepped forward this week to defend herself Olivia Jade Giannulli after performing on Red Table Talk to talk about what her parents did to get her to the University of Southern California. This Tuesday, Jada shared a clip from Olivia’s Red Table Talk appearance discussing the controversy surrounding her parents’ questionable actions.

The clip made it on IG Sofia Richie, who praised and supported Olivia in the comments section. The 22 year old wrote: “Yes girls !! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead of me. “Obviously, this didn’t go down well with a lot of Olivia Jade haters who are still mad at her for what their parents did.

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Sofia Richie was targeted by an IG user who said it was just another example of a privileged person supporting another and Sofia replied that life is too short for people to wish evil on others could. More importantly, everyone makes mistakes.

Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Jada Pinkett’s mother, made it clear that she didn’t want Olivia Jade on the show. She claimed she fought it as much as possible because she didn’t want Jade there. The star says she found it ironic how 3 African American women had to reach out to her to give Olivia a platform to redeem herself on.

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During her appearance on Red Table Talk, Giannulli admitted what she and her parents had done. In case you missed, Lori and Mossimo went to jail earlier this year on the allegations after months of fighting in court.

Mossimo and Lori originally tried to fight the charges with the defense that they didn’t know they were offering a bribe to William “Rick” Singer, but the system didn’t buy it.

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Amid the coronavirus lockdowns, Lori and Mossimo pleaded guilty and it was revealed that they would both be spending some time behind bars.

Mossimo would be serving about twice as much time as Lori, paying a much higher fine, and doing more hours of community service. The decision sparked outrage among some people in the entertainment industry who thought the sentences would have been far stricter if they were black.


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