Sofia Richie – Here is How She Feels About Scott Disick Claiming She Gave Him An ‘Ultimatum’ Earlier than Breaking Up!

Scott Disick shared a few details about his and Sofia Richie ‘s split last season from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That being said, the model definitely expected this topic to come up on the show, but how does she really feel about what he revealed?

As it turns out, Scott told the world at the premiere of the KUWTK season that the young model had given him an “ultimatum” before they split up last summer.

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Apparently Sofia was trying to get Kourtney out of Scott’s life!

Well, a source tells HollywoodLife that Sofia doesn’t care too much about what Scott said and thinks it’s just his point of view on things.

The insider said, “Sofia understands what Scott said to Kim [Kardashian] and Khloe [Kardashian] was filmed some time ago and whether he still feels that way or not doesn’t affect her one way or another. She has really moved away from their breakup and is focused on doing her own thing and being happy. Even if Scott feels like Sofia gave him an ultimatum, that’s his perspective, but she never felt like she did. Sofia has always supported Scott’s relationship with Kourtney as she was the mother of their children. ‘

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As you know, Kourtney and Scott share three children and they make really good co-parents and have remained polite and even friendly over the years since they split up.

The source went on to say that Sofia ‘always cared about spending time with Scott’s children and was focused on building bonds with Kourtney as well. Scott, Sofia and Kourtney went on vacation as a group and spent a lot of time together. Sofia feels like she really went out of her way to show that she was cool with Kourtney and even followed her on social media until they already broke up. ‘

Of course, they emphasized that she feels a bit baffled, that she looks like she is the bad guy in this situation.

However, the model doesn’t pay so much attention to the headlines and instead she holds her head up and focuses on her own life as opposed to the past.

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