Sunita Mani Joins Forged Of HBO Restricted Sequence – .

EXCLUSIVE: GLOW alumna Sunita Mani plays a supporting role in HBO’s Scenes From a Marriage, a limited series adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s classic miniseries starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac. It’s by Hagai Levi, the co-creator of Our Boys and The Affair, Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res and Endeavor Content.

Written and directed by Levi, the series adaptation examines the iconic portrayal of love, hate, desire, monogamy, marriage, and divorce through the lens of a contemporary American couple.

Levi Executive produces with Ellenberg via Media Res, Lars Blomgren (Die Brücke), Chastain, Isaac, Daniel Bergman, Blair Breard and Amy Herzog. The series is a co-production with Media Res and Endeavor Content.

Best known for her role as Arthie in Netflix’s hit comedy GLOW. Mani is currently starring John Reynolds in the quirky romantic comedy Save Yourselves! To see, written and directed by Alex Fischer and Eleanor Wilson. She also plays alongside Sarita Choudhury in the suspense thriller Evil Eye on Amazon. She is currently starring in the third season of Dark Workplace Comedy from Adult Swim, Dream Corp LLC.

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