Supply Alleges Malik Beasley’s “Complete Group” Confirmed He Was Single When He Met Larsa Pippen, Claims Larsa Was Launched To His Mom The First Week They Met (Unique Particulars)

TSR Exclusive Details: Larsa Pippen went on Twitter this morning for a sneak peek into the timeline of her relationship with Malik Beasley, and a source close to the situation just came over to us with some more tea!

While Larsa addressed some inappropriate rumors online, she was certain that they had been separated and divorced for two years. She also said that Malik and his now estranged wife, Montana Yao, were separated before meeting, which Montana called a lie!

Well, our source claims that Larsa felt that Malik was single at the time of their meeting, which has allegedly been confirmed by his “entire team” including his family, attorney and manager. Our source also claims that the first week they met, Larsa was introduced to everyone, including Malik’s mother, and Montana was not part of the conversation.

As we previously reported, Montana has filed for divorce since photos of Larsa and Malik were seen holding hands while strolling through an airport. Montana and Malik were only married for nearly nine months.

After seeing the photos, Montana sent a message to all of her supporters thanking them for their love during this time.

“I just want to thank you so much for your tremendous love and support during this time. Things were pretty rough. I will not lie. We were ordered to leave our family home 10 days ago, and like you, I’m pretty confused. There was no public or private addressing of the situation, nor any kind of apology. I’m not the type to give too much information, but I will definitely do it when or when I see fit, ”Montana wrote.

It is unclear when exactly Larsa and Malik met, as our source can only confirm that it was “before his birthday” in November.

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