Supreme Courtroom Rejects Texas Lawsuit Difficult Biden’s Victory

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responded with his own letter on Friday morning. “Whatever Pennsylvania’s definition of riot,” he wrote, “moving this court to heal grave threats to Texas Senate suffrage and the suffrage of its citizens in presidential elections affirms the Constitution, which is the opposite of riot . ” ”

Allegations that the election was tainted by widespread fraud have been invalidated by Mr Trump’s own Attorney General William P. Barr, who said this month that the Justice Department had not uncovered election fraud “on a scale that could have produced a different outcome Choice.”

Some 20 Democrat-led states, in a brief endorsement of the four battlefield states, urged the Supreme Court to “reject Texas’s last-minute attempt to discard the results of a popular vote that is safely monitored and certified by its sister states. ”

Georgia, which won Mr Biden by less than 12,000 votes out of nearly five million votes cast, said in its letter that it had handled its election with integrity and care. “In this election cycle,” the letter said, “Georgia has done what the constitution was empowered to do: it implemented electoral processes, managed the elections in the face of the logistical challenges posed by Covid-19, and confirmed and confirmed the election.” Results – over and over again. Even so, Texas sued Georgia. “

Even ahead of Election Day, Mr Trump and his Republican allies filed nearly five dozen lawsuits against the treatment, casting, and counting of votes in courts in at least eight different states.

They generally lost these cases and often drew blistering reprimands from the judges who heard them. Along the way, Mr Trump has nowhere near overturned the election results in a single state, let alone the minimum of three he would need to claim Mr Biden’s victory.

The first measures preceded the election and were aimed at ending or rolling back the voting actions that states across the country had taken to address the coronavirus crisis. In Texas, for example, Republicans were prosecuting a failed attempt in federal court to stop the drive-through vote in Harris County, home of Houston. A similar move was taken in Pennsylvania to prevent the state from accepting postal ballot papers received after election day.

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