Tabria Majors Wins Halloween With Tribute To Beyonce! [Video Inside] –

Tabria Majors Beyonce Halloween

The war is won! The war is OVA because Tabria Majors didn’t come to play homage to Beyonce with their Halloween costume!

Not only did Tabria dress up as Beyonce, she also embodied the full fantasy of bringing this Bey character to life! Recreate Bey’s legendary music videos from “Crazy In Love” and “De Ja Vu” to something even more topical like “Already” and Beyonce’s legendary “Everybody Mad” Beychella performance.

From the outfits to the hairstyles to the set replicas – Tabria and her team never missed a beat !!!

“I wanted to do something different for Halloween this year and pay tribute to someone I admire and respect so much – BEYONCE!” Tabria wrote on Instagram.

“This project was incredibly stressful, but it was so much fun! I’m by no means a dancer – my friends always fooled me for it. But I wanted to apply Beyoncé’s infamous work ethic to this project and see how far I can push myself. “

She really pushed herself!

Imma let you and your Beyonce costumes finish, but Tabria had that best Beyonce Costume of all time – all time !!! ION wants to see someone else’s Bey costume unless it gets tougher than that !! Myself included … let me take off the little leotard I was going to wear and sit there and eat my food.

What do you think of this Halloween homage to Beyoncé Roommates ?!

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