Tamar Braxton And Nene Leakes Bond Over Why They Left Actuality TV — Tamar Reveals That She Heard WE TV Received Her Fired From The Actual!

She had her friend on Tamar’s Under Construction Podcast Nene licks As a guest. The two talked about moving away from reality TV.

Both have this in common: They have fully dealt with the network that started them. Tamar beat up WE TV for mistreatment while Nene prepares to sue Bravo.

During their conversation, they make some shocking revelations.

“The other thing is, you could still be working as hard as you were when you came out, but that corporate devil is right there. It’s a corporate devil that people don’t know controls much of your career. I’ve done a lot of competition shows. I did Celebrity Apprentice, I did Cupcake Wars. I did a competitive show where Gregg and I cooked for these MasterChef people. Corporate devil is a beast. That’s all I have to tell you As if you think you go to these shows and you will say, “I can win.” In fact, they already know who the winner is before you even get on the show. This is the corporate devil. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that people just don’t know about, ”explained Nene.

The corporate monster referred to made listeners think she was talking about networks that want to be involved in everything their employees do.

By keeping the talent in long and careful contracts, the talent can approve or reject ventures and sometimes – they take away a percentage of the profit made.

Tamar also shared her experience in real life and her nightmare with WE TV, which she now believes got fired from the talk show on the day.

“I heard that this network I was working with at the time wasn’t going to unsubscribe and allowing me and the girls to fall in public. That almost ruined my entire career, my livelihood, everything I worked for and never said once and didn’t say, “Okay, you’re the star of the network, we’re going to meet you, we don’t want you No longer doing the show. ” At least give me a head up, but no … pulled the plug and said nothing and allowed Loni to endure the fall, Adrienne, Jeannie, Tamera and me. ‘


After the podcast, many people feel that Tamar owes an apology to their former co-hosts.

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