Tamar Braxton Gushes Over Her Sister, Trina Braxton – Test Out The Clip She Shared

Tamar Braxton just raved about her sister, Trina Braxton through social media. Check out the fun clip she shared on her social media account.

‘WAITING!!! This is Trina Jackson because it sure isn’t @trinabraxton. Tamar has given her post a title.

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Someone said, “Her whole life changed when she got a black man – you love to see him” and another follower said, “This is me and my friends @paytongry and @ cj.thehitta ❤️🔥”

Another commenter wrote, “Guys, it’s not Trina, but I thought it was too first,” and another follower said, “Should have tagged the actual woman dancing in the video. Give credit where credit is due ! “

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One fan said: ‘Your reading is fundamental. She literally said this wasn’t Trina, and someone else put it this way, “Not the people in the comments REALLY think this is Trina.”

Someone posted: “It’s not Trina lol, it’s a woman named Sammy who is part of a dance group but she definitely looks like Trina lol.”

It’s been eight months Tamar Braxton ‘s attempted suicide and it turns out that her therapy sessions have since managed to completely change her life!

The star chatted and commented on HollywoodLife. So check out what she has to say!

Fans know Tamar went through a really dark period that resulted in her trying to end her life in July last year.

Today, however, things really do have to mean something to Tamar, and she can forgive herself for all the guilt others have put on her.

In other words, if she feels too down to do something, she just doesn’t do it now. Stay tuned for more news.

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