Tamar Braxton Talks About Cash, Energy And Respect In Her New Podcast Episode

Tamar Braxton speaks about money, power and respect in her new installment of the podcast. Check out the post she shared on social media.

“I used to be ashamed to talk about money until I met The Better, and I brought my first house alone last year, started investing and saving, and took my finances as seriously as my sanity. I promise it goes hand in hand. I’m in a better mental space because I had to realize with myself that I didn’t know that I didn’t have it together and I was ashamed‼ ️🙈 ‘began Tamar.

She continued, “So I decided to call my rich, incredibly smart money friend @johnhopebryant to enlighten us all on how we can #subconstruct TOGETHER with our financial education to be your best self-confident #stayunderconstruction * link on bio now * ‘Tamar has given her post a title.

Someone said, “I love you Tay, hope to see new music soon. I love you Tamar.” And someone else said, “Never be ashamed.” My mother says ask if you don’t know. There’s no stupid question … I believe this is the top 3 for conversations. Recognition. Business. Marriage. Money $ affects every aspect of life. And as women, we can become powerful by learning about money. ‘

One follower wrote, “Yes ma’am – don’t entertain a mofo who has nothing to lose – that means it has nothing to offer you – no one eats cat food in retirement.”

Someone else said, ‘Sister is really good, everyone needs to hear this ️ ️‼ ️ @tamarbraxton’ and one follower posted this message: ‘This is true. My current husband asked when we first met (17 years ago) how many credit cards did I have? 😂🤣😅 ‘

One fan wrote: “The goal is not to let your bankroll become your credibility.”


Tamar Braxton shared a message via edges and she also shared a video on her social media account. Listen.

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