Taylor Swift Is Allowed To Re-Report Her Previous Catalog After Scooter Braun Scandal

Taylor Swift hit the headlines when it became known that Scooter Braun had bought their multi-album catalog. The country pop star announced that she had no opportunity to purchase her music prior to the Big Machine sale and that she is restricted from performing some of her own songs.

Fortunately, she can find her way around these restrictions. From November 1st, she will be able to re-record all of her old songs and share them for purchase and streaming.

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The Swifties took to Twitter for the “Taylor is free” trend which shows they are ready to endorse Swift’s talent after the debacle.

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The Wildest Dreams singer said no other artist should go through the same thing. Especially young artists who come into the industry and are just excited to be able to get a record deal without knowing what they’re actually signing.

“We have to think about how we deal with master recordings because it isn’t. As I got up and talked about it, I saw a lot of fans saying, “Wait, the creators of this work never own their work?” I’ve spent 10 years of my life rigorously trying to buy my masters outright and then I was denied that opportunity and I just don’t want that to happen to another artist if I can help. At least I want to raise my hand and say, “This is something an artist should get back in the course of their business – not as an attempt to renegotiate – and something that artists should possibly have the first right to refuse to buy.” God, I would have so much for she paid! Anything to own my work was an actual put option, but it wasn’t given to me. ‘

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Kanye West, who vows to change the way music business is done, has even offered to help Taylor Swift.


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