Tayshia Adams Fiance’s Ex-Spouse Sounds Off About Their Previous Relationship And If He Joined The Bachelorette For The Proper Causes

Spoiler alert for fans of The Bachelorette: Zac Clark won Tayshia Adams‘ Heart. Before the season finale aired last week, his ex-wife spoke about how she really felt seeing her ex-spouse on TV looking for love.

Zac admitted that he was the reason his first marriage ended, and it had a lot to do with his drug problems. Jennifer Stanley-George, who is remarried with a baby, confirmed that was why their marriage ended.

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She also talked about how shocked she was to see him compete for love on the show.

“It was a little shocking and a little hard to see. I will not lie. But I have long gone on with my life and I am happily married now. I just had a baby. I was obviously distracted, but I saw this season. ‘

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Jennifer set out to find out about Zac’s drug addiction.

“He lied to me for years. He lied to me about his drug use throughout our relationship. I mean I don’t know I was very naive. He had to go [get clean] for yourself, not for me. And I think at this point if we’d stayed together he would have done it for me. ‘

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Although the 36-year-old has completely changed his life and even started a nonprofit to help people struggling with addiction, the new mom has a warning for Tayshia.

“He has dedicated his life to helping others, but it’s not a glamorous life, it’s difficult and can be chaotic at times. I just hope she knows and really thinks about what that means. ‘

As for whether or not Zac was real when it comes to getting engaged, or if he just wanted fame, Stanley-George thinks he was definitely there for love. She added that he is not the type of person who would look for followers.


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