Teyana Taylor Explains Her Choice To Retire From Music: “I Gotta Do It For My Psychological Well being So I Can Keep Alive For My Children”

Now you know that Teyana Taylor is a multi-talented woman who has shaped the entertainment industry for the past 15 years. From dancing to fashion, modeling to general entertainment, Teyana is nothing to play with! Unfortunately, after a soul search, she says she is ready to let go of one of her passions – making music.

Just a few days ago, Teyana shocked fans when she alluded to withdrawing from music in a post on her Instagram page. Well, it looks like she was formally putting the mic down and she went live on the IG to explain her decision.

“So I am retiring this chapter of my story with the consolation that I can leave with peace of mind when I see that all of the hard work and passion I have put in has actually been loved and supported somewhere in the world!” Said Teyana in the first post.

While addressing her fans live, she makes it clear that her decision has nothing to do with the fact that her album wasn’t nominated for a Grammy, but explains that she did not feel supported or valued by her label.

“I’m just tired, baby, and it’s not about throwing anyone under the bus, but I feel like most of this post has been on my label, which I’ve been signed to for nearly 10 years,” says Teyana. “Everything you see of me, everything I bring out, everything I do is 100% me. Yes, I’ll feel underrated if I use 110% and my label replies 10% of that. “

She goes on to say that the lack of support from her label has caused her a lot of stress and feels like she needs to let go of the career before it poses a risk to her sanity.

“I feel alone all the time, I always feel neglected, I feel failed all the time because there is literally no pressure. The crazy thing is that I’ve asked Def Jam to drop me on almost 10 different occasions because I can’t let myself be killed at that point, ”she says. “And admittedly to my fans, I find it a little selfish to say what about your fans, do it for your fans. I have to do it for my mental health, I have to do it for my emotional health. I have to do it so that I can stay alive for my children. “

Teyana’s most recent album, The Album, received huge positive acclaim from fans and some of Teyana’s colleagues, and expressed disappointment that she was not nominated for a Grammy on social media.

How do you feel about Tey moving away from music?

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