‘The Crown’ Reigns Atop Nielsen Streaming Rankings As ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Stays Sturdy – .

The Crown, whose final season offers a provocative look at the meeting and marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in the 1980s, dominated Nielsen’s US streaming chart for the week of November 16.

The series’ 40 available episodes lasted nearly 3.4 billion minutes. This was the best Nielsen show of any title since Umbrella Academy last August. Two-thirds of this airtime was scheduled for the fourth season, with viewers skyrocketing from fifth in the previous week’s ranking, which only recorded the first online weekend. The next most-watched Crown season was the first, the measurement company noted.

Nielsen’s top 10 (see below) only stream on a TV in the US, so mobile and international television is excluded. The numbers also come with an almost month-long delay, after consultation with the handful of streamers whose display is being measured.

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The Queen’s Gambit took a distant second place but still generated nearly 1.1 billion minutes of total viewing, which Nielsen says is confirmed as “one of the most popular new originals introduced this year”. On a global basis, Netflix has already referred to it as its most watched limited original series.

The Mandalorian lost a spot in 4th place last week, but viewership for the Disney + show has remained constant. Unlike Netflix shows, Disney releases one new episode every week. Once again, the Star Wars spinoff is the only non-Netflix title on the table.

Another notable addition was The Boss Baby: Back in Business at number 9. The Netflix release added a new season and Nielsen reported an interesting dichotomy with the children’s animation series and The Crown. Two-thirds of Boss Baby’s viewers are children between the ages of 2 and 11, while the show drew a low single-digit number of viewers aged 55 and over. Conversely, nearly two-thirds of The Crown viewers are 55 years and older, while a low single-digit percentage are between 2 and 11 years old.

The contrast speaks to Netflix’s programming strategy, which isn’t necessarily about creating a one-of-a-kind juggernaut for everyone to watch as linear networks have tried, but rather a mosaic of titles for different tastes and populations around the world.

Here is the full list with the number of episodes and total minutes of ad:

The crown (40, 3.358 billion)

The Queen’s Gambit (7, 1.092 billion)

The office (192, 1,067 billion)

The Mandalorian (12.939 million)

Schitt’s Creek (80, 733 million)

Grey’s Anatomy (363, 731 million)

Great British Baking Show (64, 645 million)

Criminal Minds (277, 560 million)

The Boss Baby: Back in Business (49, 509 million)

NCIS (353, 468 million)

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