The Greatest Recommendation for Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions involve a variety of critical business, legal, financial and negotiation issues. To get you started with the most important information you need to know, we’ve compiled this list of the best articles our M&A expert Richard D. Harroch wrote on many of the most important topics when selling a privately owned company.


What You Need To Know About Mergers And Acquisitions: 12 Important Considerations When Selling Your Business

M&A transactions can involve very complex business negotiations. In order to successfully manage a sale of your company, it is helpful to understand the dynamics and problems that arise frequently.

25 Key Lessons Learned From Merger and Acquisition Transactions

Are you thinking of selling your company to another company? M&A transactions require a lot of preparation, specialist advisors, a dedicated management team and an understanding of the most important business and legal issues.

9 Important Ways To Prepare For An M&A Transaction

M&A transactions can be time consuming and stressful for a company and its management team. Learn a few key things a business can do to maximize the likelihood of a successful sale.

15 Common Mistakes CEOs Make When Selling Their Business

Selling a business can often be difficult and time consuming. Check out our list of the most common mistakes private company CEOs make when trying to sell their business.

What Should Entrepreneurs Do After Selling Their Business?

When it is finally time to sell your business, you are faced with the daunting task of what to do with what may be the greatest inflow of funds of your life. This article provides advice on protecting proceeds, minimizing taxes, and planning your family’s financial future.


21 key issues in negotiating merger and acquisition agreements for technology companies

Effectively negotiating merger and acquisition agreements for a privately held technology company involves resolving and resolving a number of important business, legal, tax, intellectual property, employment, due diligence and liability issues. This article describes a number of the hotly contested key issues in acquiring private technology companies.

Nondisclosure Agreements for Mergers and Acquisitions

In M&A transactions, one way to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information is through the use of nondisclosure agreements, or NDAs. This article describes the main provisions of nondisclosure agreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions: 15 Important Considerations for Internal Legal Assistance

An overview of 15 key strategic, negotiation, and due diligence considerations involved in a typical privately owned company sale, and the steps the in-house consultant can take to better understand, prepare, and address those considerations and related issues.

A comprehensive guide to merger and acquisition due diligence issues

Learn about the key legal and business due diligence activities the buyer will undertake in a typical M&A transaction with a privately held company.

13 Key Intellectual Property Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

A summary of the key intellectual property related activities and issues associated with a typical privately held acquisition.

Negotiation of an acquisition declaration

In the case of a company acquisition, the letter of intent is intended to ensure that a “meeting of the minds” on price and key terms takes place before both parties expend significant resources and legal costs. This article discusses the key elements of creating an acquisition intent.

The importance of online data rooms in mergers and acquisitions

As a seller, when preparing an M&A deal, it is important to set up an online data room to speed up the process. Read this guide to get started, including a detailed list of documents to include.

Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Risk Assessment Due Diligence Checklist

We provide practical solutions to identify, understand, and mitigate privacy and cybersecurity risks during the M&A due diligence process.

The Importance of Disclosure Plans in Mergers and Acquisitions

Disclosure plans are an integral part of any M&A transaction. Learn about common mistakes when creating disclosure plans and download a sample template to get started.

Negotiation of Investment Banker Engagement Letters

Companies often hire investment bankers for fundraising and M&A activities. This article explains certain guidelines that are appropriate in preparing an investment banker engagement letter.

Mergers and Acquisitions: What Management Teams Want To Know From a Potential M&A Acquirer

The seller’s senior management team plays an important role in every M&A transaction. Learn the key questions these members should ask the buying company before selling.

A guide to M&A representation and warranty insurance in case of mergers and acquisitions

We provide a comprehensive overview of representation and warranty insurance, its benefits, the scope of coverage and exclusions and other important topics.


The impact of the coronavirus crisis on mergers and acquisitions

We discuss how the pandemic will affect M&A business in the foreseeable future and how both buyers and sellers can minimize their business risk.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments Involving US Companies With Chinese and Other Foreign Parties – Recent Developments

New laws will affect many US companies, especially those in the technology and infrastructure sectors. Read our final overview of this complex piece of legislation and how it can affect your own business.

New Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions: Q&A with Rusty Wiley, CEO of Merrill Corporation

The CEO of Merrill Corporation shares his thoughts on the M&A trends his company sees, the top concerns of M&A professionals today, and the industry outlook for 2019 and beyond.

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