Illustrious CNN Charlatans Suppose One other Media Outlet Is not Actual Information

Left-wing CNN, according to Biden sympathizers, are now calling on Fox News for their pro-Trump coverage. This comes from a party of the DNC-controlled media that has been trying to tear down the president for the past four years. Instead of looking in the mirror, CNN presenter Jake Tapper goes on the offensive: “So if you’re a Fox reporter or anchor, someone who’s not on the opinion side, and you follow this crazy instruction, you could That too. Submit your press card at the same time, as you as a journalist cannot be taken seriously. “

In a move that smells like jealousy, CNN is taking the time to insult its leading competitor. And this with another unnamed source that the left media is so fond of using. CNN left host Brian Stelter attended the 9:00 am ET hour to discuss memos allegedly received from Fox urging people on the air not to refer to Joe Biden as “President-elect” until the choice in court is fully resolved.

Of course, CNN displayed its usual bias and dismissed these cases as “frivolous lawsuits.” Instead, they blame Fox outright: “Fox still believes he’s telling the truth, promoting allegations of electoral fraud, vilifying cities like Philadelphia, and treating these long-term lawsuits as if they were serious business.” I think that’s called reporting, something that CNN could learn from.

This all comes from a network that in the past has ignored the facts in favor of its candidates and DNC talking points. When Biden was constantly at home during the peak of the campaign, CNN protected him. A study conducted by MRC shows that their reporting was very much in favor of Biden over Trump.

These facts did not prevent CNN correspondent Abby Phillip from joining the attack: “Fox acts as the arm of the Trump campaign. And Trump treats Fox as an arm of the campaign. … The Trump campaign wants Fox to get in line, and it sounds like they’re getting in line based on Brian’s coverage. “

Given that over the past four years, CNN has given a lot of preference to their own preferred candidate and their ruthless attacks on Trump, they should take a close look in the mirror before those attacks. The hypocrisy shown is astonishing. But it’s not surprising.

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A transcript of the November 6th coverage is included below:

CNN Election Day in America continues
9:55 a.m. East

JAKE TAPPER: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is on the verge of becoming the next president of the United States. Part of the Trump era was marked by the president’s relationship with the right-wing Maga media, particularly his favorite cable channel Fox, and we are now bringing our media reporter Brian Stelter up to date with the latest news about the decisions made at Fox about the fact that is there no credible evidence of widespread fraud and it looks like Joe Biden is about to become president-elect. Brian what are you learning

BRIAN STELTER: Two CNN memos from three different Fox News sources say that if Joe Biden gets to the point where he crosses the 270 threshold, Fuchs will not identify him as president-elect. Now Jake, other newsrooms are working on it, and the president-elect is the common language used in any situation. However, the memos on Fox News say they will stay away from that description. These memos direct fox stars, anchors, experts, and talk show hosts to avoid language like the president-elect due to the president’s legal challenge. Of course, these are legal challenges that you talked about on the air. Fox takes the challenges seriously and shows respect to the President after 25,000 false and misleading allegations by the President. Fox still believes he is telling the truth, promoting allusions to electoral fraud, denigrating cities like Philadelphia, and treating those long-term problems lawsuits like serious pursuits. It’s troubling because Fox’s coverage affects tens of millions of people who are ultimately misled, including Jake, the most important viewer of all, the President of the United States.

TAPPER: Brian, just to make it clear, they’re assuming they’re going to name one of those states we’re watching Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and they’re going to project 270 votes at least for Joe Biden, they just won’t Do you call him the President-elect because of these frivolous complaints?

STELTER: Because of the frivolous complaints, which are correct. These are the instructions for the top anchors, the top people on the canal. It’s a flashy guide. It’s about the broader question of how Fox informs or misinforms the public. The Fox Decision Desk is very popular in this industry and has the same standards as CNN and all broadcast networks, but the opinion leaders and these newscasters at Fox show respect for these toothless litigation threats. By the way, Jake, as you said, the Murdocks are ultimately responsible, Rupert and Lachlan Murdock are responsible for what’s on the network for the hours to come. And a family member weighed what you said on CNN a few minutes ago. Catherine Murdoch, wife of James, one of Rupert’s sons, says she agrees with you that the Murdochs need to show responsibility at this key moment.

TAPPER: Okay, Brian Stelter with this breaking news. It’s so strange because there’s no credible evidence of widespread fraud. None. So if you’re a Fox reporter or anchor, someone who’s not on the opinion side and sticks to this insane instruction, then you can also submit your press pass at the same time as you cannot be taken seriously as a journalist.

ABBY PHILLIP [CNN Correspondent]: Fox acts as the arm of the Trump campaign. And Trump treats Fox as an arm of the campaign. They’ve been on the phone all week harassing the people at Fox over the call in Arizona that Jim Acosta said they were angry with. The Trump campaign wants Fox to get in line, and it sounds like they’re getting in line based on Brian’s coverage.

DANA BASH [Senior Political Correspondent]: I think you’re right, Abby. I wonder if that memo was extinguished when the President and his family members and aides didn’t completely freak out Fox for calling Arizona. From what I hear and what we see in the air, there is one – despite what some commentators on the air have said, reporters have allied themselves behind this call and say they feel confident. And it sounds like they’re bowing to pressure from the president. No other way to express it.

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