The Infamous BIG’s Buddy Says Biggie’s Mother As soon as Threw Out The Rapper’s Crack Cocaine As a result of She Thought It Was Outdated Mashed Potatoes

The Notorious BIG went down in pop music history as one of the greats, and not just rap music. The rapper’s flow and lyric skills cemented his legendary status in the late 1990s. Additionally, his sudden death just before Life After Death was released made the record even more of a hit.

As a result, Christopher Wallace, also known as The Notorious BIG or Biggie Smalls, keeps making headlines about an ancient story or story from someone who knew him. This time it’s more of a rare opportunity because it’s an old friend who tells the story.

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A friend of The Notorious BIG reportedly revealed that Biggie’s mother once threw away a plate of cracked stones because it looked very much like dirty mashed potatoes. It was left right next to the windowsill.

D-Roc Butler – who rode next to Biggie when he died – told the story in Biggie: I have a story to tell in which he revealed that he and Biggie once put drugs on the windowsill so they could later sell them Customers.

Butler told The Post that on their return they noticed that they had cleaned the room and the crack was gone. Butler says Voletta told them they couldn’t just leave dirty dishes lying around. Although it looked like it was a bargain, Christopher managed to get the crack back and they sold it after taking it out of the trash and wiping off the barbecue sauce.

Butler reportedly refused to argue whether Biggie’s death had anything to do with the Tupac Shakur murder, on top of the ongoing west coast-east coast rap rivalry that was taking place at the time.

However, he said that Biggie had to go to Los Angeles to promote his new record, which became a huge hit. Butler says they never knew anyone in Los Angeles. They weren’t on vacation, they had work to do.


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