The Lady Who Caught This Man’s Ice Skating Fail Reveals They Had been On Their Second Date & They Are Now Married

Issa plot twist y’all! Roommate, yesterday we posted a viral video of a man doing the absolute best on an ice rink. If you haven’t seen the funny video, check it out below:

At first glance, it appears to be a random video that was recorded by someone who happened to be on the rink. One of those videos when you pulled out your camera at the right time. However, it turned out that the video wasn’t just a random guy who fell on ice, it was the beginning of a love story! We caught up with Alexis the woman who picked him up and it turned out they were actually on their second date when the skating mishap happened! A few years later the couple are actually married. See her love update below!

Alexis shared some honest videos of herself and her husband Courtland. The couple have been married for 4 years and Alexis says she is the happiest she has ever been. Courtland is a great husband and she wouldn’t have wanted her second date to be any different. I think stories like this perfectly remind me that the person who is meant for you will find their way to your heart even if those first dates are a little rocky! And who knows, maybe this fall was the first sign that he was going to fall in love with Alexis in the weeks and months to come! Congratulations to Alexis and Courtland. We saw the video sis, but you might want to keep a few bandaids on deck. Click here for another love contribution!

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