The Obama Media Empire Expands: Malia Obama Lands Screenwriting Gig For Amazon Prime

The Obama media empire continues to grow as another member of the Obama family gets a leisurely Hollywood gig. What’s next? The Obama dogs get their own late night talk show?

In addition to Michelle and Barack Obama, who each have massive book deals, a Hollywood production company that has produced Oscar-winning films, and frequent guest appearances for Michelle on PBS, her daughter is now on the scene. It was recently revealed that Malia Obama had a lucrative screenplay appearance with Amazon Studios and Star Wars actor Donald Glover.

It’s worth being an Obama these days.

The Hill reported on February 17 that Malia, Obama’s eldest daughter, had accepted a typing position on the set of Donald Glover’s upcoming Amazon Prime series. The 22-year-old former first daughter has been trying to make it in Hollywood productions for several years. According to the New York Post, this project marks Obama’s first “professional entertainment gig after multiple A-list internships, including a guest appearance on the set of HBO’s” Girls “in 2015.”

The Hill also admitted that Obama began a high profile internship at Harvey Weinstein’s “eponymous company” in 2017, before Weinstein fell out of favor with the company, amid numerous allegations of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

That must have been unlucky for the former first daughter, but Donald Glover’s appearance could be her big break. FX series Atlanta star Glover is an Emmy and Grammy Award winner and is slated to produce several new television series under his brand new deal with Amazon Prime. The New York Post wrote: “He tapped writer Janine Nabers (‘Watchmen’) to lead the team that includes the former first daughter of the United States.”

Neither Glover nor Amazon have revealed any details about their upcoming content, although one of Glover’s new series is called “Hive” and is based on a “Beyoncé-like character”.

This is yet another acquisition in the Obama family’s already powerful media empire. Three of the four family members (with the exception of the youngest daughter Sasha) are now involved in major Hollywood productions. The Obama couple’s production studio, Higher Ground Productions, created several projects for Netflix, including an Oscar-winning 2019 documentary called American Factory.

The Obamas and Netflix also announced an entirely new list of streaming content for the streaming platform for 2021.

There are also Barack and Michelle’s respective book deals, of which Michelle Obama’s 2018 book Becoming was adapted as a 2020 Netflix film by Higher Ground Productions. The former first lady also got her own show on PBS in 2020 titled “Mondays with Michelle Obama,” in which Obama read popular children’s books to teenagers who had to stay at home during the COVID quarantine.

If her parents’ media success is an indicator, it seems like Malia has a secure future ahead of her.

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