The President’s Backup Band – The New York Occasions

But their real function, he argued in an interview, was to provide psychological comfort to those who are, and to give them a signal that their sense of persecution by the bright America was based not on racism but on clarity. They also provided comic relief at rallies that took on a Coachella for Conservatives vibe, along with crowd surfers like Vernon Jones, a Democratic former Georgian legislature who did so maskless last month during an election freeze in Macon, Georgia . as the pandemic continued to rise.

“Trump created the cult, which includes people who serve as court jesters there to entertain the monarch and strengthen his power,” said Robinson. “The court jester is not the most talented person in the village. It’s the clown. It’s the person who is ready to do the ‘thing’ to serve the monarch, the people who say crazy stuff and say it even crazier than Trump. “

Of course, the people who served in that capacity weren’t all blacks.

Enter Richard Grenell, a telegenic, white, openly gay, right-wing Fox News employee who became ambassador to Germany in 2017 after his firm support for the president on the air. In February, he was appointed acting director of the National Intelligence Service, a temporary position that nonetheless gave him control of the National Security Agency, the CIA and 15 other government agencies.

After the election, Mr. Grennell traveled to Las Vegas to help Mr. Trump’s unfounded efforts to expose widespread electoral fraud. There he was caught on camera at a press conference disguising an MSNBC reporter simply because the reporter asked what evidence was available to support the president’s allegations of illegitimate votes. It made him just another member of the ever-spinning backup tape that refuses to admit the majority of Americans pulled the plug.

But Define American’s Mr Vargas said the impending end of the Trump presidency won’t mean the end of players within the Trump presidency. “As much as the establishment Republicans are pulling back on Trump, they are still very cautious about criticizing him because this is not just a decision to act against him,” he said. “It is a decision to take on this entire media ecosystem he has created that is not going away.”

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