The Sport Says No ‘Dwelling’ Rapper Has Extra #1 Hits Than Him

Is it possible that The Game will take on its former G-Unit member 50 Cent? Hot New Hip Hop speculated on the possibility in a report claiming it this week The game and 50 cents could take part in a Verzuz battle.

Fans of 50 Cent have been quite reluctant to encourage him to appear on Verzuz as the rapper appeared to be all but uninterested in it. However, comments from both parties seem to point out the possibility of a rap fight.

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During the same interview in which The Game claimed it was open to the idea of ​​fighting 50 cents, he also claimed that Toronto rapper Drake was the only other rapper “alive” and in relation to the number 1 could compete against him.

According to The Game, “only one artist has more number 1 hip-hop albums than me and that’s Drake.” He added that the information was “googleable”.

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Lots of people on social media have problems with The Game’s comments, especially the part of the interview where he said he had 10 number 1 records while Drake had 11.

Hot New Hip Hop, on the other hand, says The Game only has a handful of number 1 albums, including The Documentary. The RED album and Doctor’s Advocate. According to Outlet, The Game has a few more in the US hip-hop and R&B album chart category, around 8 in total.

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Drake, on the other hand, has 9 of them, at least when it comes to the US hip-hop and R&B album charts. According to Hot New Hip Hop, other artists have already surpassed The Game, including the likes of Lil ‘Wayne, Jay-Z, and others.

Also, it’s not sure how The Game managed to get down to 10 # 1 albums, considering that it only has 8 apparently. Some social media users have argued that it was possible for The Game to link to other albums that it worked on. Number one albums or not, it’s clear that the rapper made a huge impact on the culture anyway, even though he wasn’t without his controversies.


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