This Black Lady Created A Platform To Study About The Inventory Market

Generational prosperity and bridging the racial gap have been hotly debated over the past year over protests against racial injustice. Since then, numerous organizations have made new commitments to help the black community create greater wealth for their families. One black woman used her financial background to create a platform for black consumers to learn how to create wealth through the stock market.

Tiffany James is the founder of Modern Black Girl, a digital platform designed to help newbies learn how to use the stock market and other resources for wealth creation and stock portfolio management. James says she was inspired to start her business after learning about stocks in her spare time due to her curiosity, and wanted to create a platform for users to learn the basics.

“The stock market is 80% psychology and 20% technology,” James said in an email interview with BLACK COMPANY. “You will not only learn tips on building wealth and managing your money, but also patience, self-confidence, critical thinking skills and leadership.”

James also used the Clubhouse audio social app to provide resources and engaging panels through the app that helped her reach new audiences.

“When the clubhouse started I went to the man’s storerooms and was the only woman in the conversation for the most part,” she said. “After a few rooms with the men, many women asked me to open my own platform in November. Three months later we are here with over 94,000 members [who are] especially women in color. “

The platform also hosts a Teen University for younger people to learn the basics of the stock markets, in addition to courses for adults.

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