Three Grand Jurors In Breonna Taylor’s Case File Petition To Impeach

The fight for justice for Breonna Taylor continues! According to CNN, three former grand jurors are among the concerned Kentucky citizens who have petitioned Kentucky lawmakers to indict Attorney General Daniel Cameron. According to Kevin Glogower, one of the lawyers representing the petitioners, citizens filed a petition yesterday seeking the impeachment of Attorney General Cameron on several charges, including breach of public trust and failure to comply with the results of the grand jury misrepresent the nation.

In addition, abuse of office and violation of duties of professional responsibility and ethics. Both are related to the lack of charges against the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death in September 2020. In a press release, Kevin said, “These are randomly selected citizens who were forced to sit on a grand jury and have been horribly abused by the most powerful law enforcement officer in Kentucky. “

Attorney General Cameron took over Breonna’s investigation last year. A grand jury decided not to charge any of the Louisville Metro police officers who were involved in the raid that caused Breonna’s fatal death. Although former detective Brett Hankison was charged with three willful endangerment in the first degree for allegedly shooting blindly into an apartment next to Breonnas, he pleaded not guilty.

The petition for the impeachment of Attorney General Cameron also called for charges on January 6th for rioting over the riot in the US Capitol. This is the same indictment that the US House of Representatives brought against former President Donald Trump.

Attorney General Cameron’s involvement in the National Association of Republican Attorneys General (RAGA) to justify the incitement fee is also cited in the petition. In addition, the petition also alleges that the attorney general misused tax dollars by joining an effort by Republican attorneys general in support of a lawsuit alleging that postal ballot papers were sold after the Pennsylvania elections closed on Jan. November received, should not be considered in the election. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.

Ben Crump, the lawyer for Breonna’s family, released a statement praising the petitioners. “We encourage the House Committee to seriously consider this petition and hold AG Cameron accountable for his role in misleading the public and the grand jury and in failing to bring justice to Breonna Taylor and her family.”

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