Tokyo Self-importance Shares Her Opinion On Marriage Being Extra Than A

What works for one person when it comes to marriage may not work for you! Roommates Everyone has a right to their opinion when it comes to love and marriage. Earlier this week we shared a TikTok video with a woman who said marriage was a piece of paper and it sparked quite a bit of debate. Some of them all entered the shadow room to share their thoughts. However, Tokyo Vanity shared her opinion in a long post on her Instagram page, explaining why she didn’t like the phrase.

Tokyo wrote: “Marriage is just a piece of paper. I can’t stand this saying, when you’re broken, say that. If you’ve never seen a successful marriage, say that. If you don’t like to commit, say that. If you were raised by a bitter woman, who said to you, “N *** s ain’t ** t, say that. If your dad was a Rolling Stone and rates women or engagement negatively, say so.”

Tokyo went on and even talked about the taboo in the black community about men and women who need advice but refuse to leave because people say it is “white people”.

The rapper “SBA” also talked about wanting to maintain traditional values ​​of marriage before a child is born. Supa Cent, one of Tokyo’s best friends, walked into The Shade Room to comment on her friend’s post. “Facts. The bitter and injured have the most opinions about relationships. When a couple shares happy moments, they must doubt that they are happy. When a man buys a gift for his wife,” said Supa. “They say it is Excuse me gift. You can only tell from blog comments that many women don’t believe in happy relationships. “

Many of the roommates agreed to Tokyo. One said, “Looks like she covered all of the basics for this.” Roommate, what do you think of what Tokyo said?

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