Tory Lanez Maintains His Innocence In Megan Thee Stallion Capturing: “They Mistook A Black Man Expressing His Innocence For Insensitivity”

The details of what happened the night Megan Thee Stallion was shot are still pretty murky, Roomies. As we try to put the pieces together, Tory Lanez continues to claim that he is innocent of the whole thing.

Tory took a message about “Truth” on Twitter Saturday night and exchanged a few words with a commenter who questioned his role in what happened that faithful night.

“Men lie. Women lie. People just lie, ”Tory tweeted. “The truth sets you free or sets yourself free … that’s the beauty of life and the lesson rolled into one”

The message in these tweets is pretty vague, and one fan directly said Tory just needs to let us know if he shot Megan or not. Tory stepped into the comments on Akademik’s side, letting him know that he is still innocent.

“I realize that not everyone on my album heard me say, ‘No, I didn’t’ … because of them [mistook] A black man who expresses his innocence for insensitivity … As if we’re not all fighting the same struggle, as if the banishment of a successful man is the answer to a problem bigger than him … You become more than you need to know when the court resumes. ”

Well, that comment doesn’t say much, but it does state that Tory is maintaining his not guilty plea, which he withdrew in November.

While Tory has apparently had his best life with the gram lately, Meg and her ex-beast Kelsey Nicole have been exchanging nudges on social media. After Meg accused Tory of offering her and Kelsey hush money and then shooting both of them on her new album, Kelsey came up with a song of her own.

We’ll keep you updated on this case, Roomies, so stay with us!

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