Tory Lanez’s Lawyer Questions Safety Order Following Megan Thee Stallion’s GQ Interview: ‘It’s Extraordinarily Arduous For Him To Learn These Issues’ (Video+Unique Particulars)

It got a little hot in court this morning when Tory Lanez pleaded not guilty in the shooting at Megan Thee Stallion.

Although Tory was absent, his attorney complied and had a few things to say about the protection order against their client.

When inquiring about the protection order against her client, Shawn Holley noted that Tory and Megan are both public figures and that it is difficult to understand the parameters of the order if the alleged victim is able to speak publicly about Tory and to talk about the shootout.

Of course, Holley was referring to an interview Megan had spoken to recently GQ after being named “Rapper of the Year” by the magazine. In the interview, Megan claimed Tory tried to pay her and her best friend Kelsey Nicole to do it their silence after allegedly shooting Megan in both feet on July 12th when the trio left a pool party in the Hollywood Hills.

Holley said Tory Lanez denies these claims, adding that the protection order is preventing Tory from responding.

“It’s extremely difficult for him to read these things where he strongly contradicts and denies,” Holley said of her client in court. “Articles come out in which the witness specifically speaks about it.”

But prosecutors hit back and mentioned how Tory was infamous on IG Live, discussing the incident at length, and directly calling Megan a liar.

As a result, prosecutors argued that Megan had faced bullying and harassment online from people who tagged her on videos and that she was even exposed to threats about Tory.

The prosecutor’s office basically let Tory and his attorney know that if he wants to talk about Meg, he must first consult his attorney before leaving and breaking the protection order against him.

However, the judge kept it simple for both parties by informing them that if they have any questions about the order or any violations of it, they likely only need to file them in writing.

You can follow the entire exchange in court below:

As previously reported, Tory faces three shooting-related offenses, including being attacked with a gun. He will be on trial again in January 2021 and if convicted, he has a maximum of 22 years. We’ll keep you up to date.

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