Toya Johnson Flexes For The ‘Gram With Monica Denise – See Their Clip Collectively

Toya Johnson I bent down for the gram with Monica Denise like there’s no tomorrow. Check out the clip they shared on their social media account below.

One commenter said, “It’s Toya I think it’s over the bank” and someone else wrote this, “Monica is such a fashion villa and Toya is so good”.

One follower said this, “You ladies are the first I see anywhere in the pose” and someone else wrote, “It’s the Prada shoes for me.” House arrest is all I can think of, but “

Someone else said, ‘Toya looks like she has two red house arrest bracelets 🥴’ and one commenter wrote: ‘@onlyonetonyg what you are talking about. Let’s do this!’

Another follower said, “Why are Monica’s shoes so big? There is a whole 3 finger wide gap in the back (I now understand the sandals in the video! 😂)…. Whoever nice friends ‘and one commenter dropped this message:’ Yeah, we definitely will have too. Let me start practicing now 😂😂😂[email protected]_antionette_28 ‘

Someone said, “It’s nice of you both to have fun without a care. We’ve seen the two of you go through so much. #painintopurpose. ‘

In other news, Toya Johnson shared some pics and clips with a gorgeous look that her fans simply adored. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

“Playing around with @therealnoigjeremy #walkchallenge @ 1saucysantanaofficial” Toya gave her post a title.

We also revealed that recently Toya shared a photo session with Reign rushing that left the fans in awe. Look at these gorgeous ladies.

‘Play dates with my princess. cc: @reign_beaux ‘Toya has given her post a title.

Toya’s little girl is really growing up as a fan and getting cuter every day. The fans always praise her like there’s no tomorrow.


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