Trevor Noah Praises Return To “Speeches That Sound Like Speeches” Upon Biden-Harris Election – .

For many Americans, Joe Biden’s election victory after four years under President Donald Trump meant change and opportunity. For Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show, Biden and Kamala Harris’s success in the elections means getting used to a political stance.

“I don’t know about you, but after four years of listening to Trump, a normal speech from the president was almost strange,” he said, responding to Biden and Harris’ victory speeches in Delaware on Saturday.

During their speeches, the President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect touched on a number of issues, from the role and power of women in politics to the need to heal the divide America is currently experiencing. After years of hearing Trump’s speeches, often referring to political opponents as insulting names, Noah said, “It really will take time to get used to speeches that sound like speeches.”

But when Noah Biden listened on Saturday night, he said that he noticed something else that was beyond the familiar eloquence of a politician’s words.

“Biden called for healing and promised to work as hard for the people who didn’t vote for him as for the people who did, and after the last few years I think it’s a nice feeling” he said. “Although the truth is that the country is so divided, I don’t know how that would work in real life.”

During his monologue, Noah also poked fun at the fact that Trump learned he lost to Biden during a golf trip, how the Biden team was supposed to protect the President-elect until Inauguration Day and more. Look at the entire segment above.

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