Trey Songz arrested after bodily altercation with police officer

Trey Songz arrested

Things seemed to be hot in Chile tonight at the Chiefs game when Trey Songz was arrested.

TMZ reports that Trey and a police officer got into an altercation tonight, and according to witnesses, it was the police officer who appeared to be wrong.

In the video you can see Trey and the officer fighting each other. Trey was able to bandage the officer, punch him in the head, and headlock him. Not long before the officer pushed Trey into place.

You can even hear people on the video yelling at the cop and telling him to leave Trey alone. As soon as the backup separated Trey and the cop, Trey was handcuffed.

Law enforcement officers tell TMZ that Trey Songz was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer – in addition to a 24-hour detention with the option of being released tomorrow night

The altercation apparently started when Trey told some fans to relax after “harassing” him, the site reports. This resulted in the officer coming to Trey unjustifiably and out of nowhere, according to witnesses who add that Trey was unprepared when the officer started getting physical – which led Trey to defend himself.

Check out the full video on TMZ what happened right here:

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