Trey Songz Was Arrested For Allegedly Refusing To Put on A Masks Earlier than Struggle With Police Officers Began

Trey Songz

#Roommates, in the hours following his recent arrest, further details emerge about why Trey Songz got involved with the Kansas City Police in the first place. According to recent reports, the first reason the police were called was allegedly because Trey Songz refused to wear a mask to a Kansas City Chiefs soccer game.

Trey has since been released. However, @TMZ_TV reports that the Kansas City Police Department reportedly released details from their perspective as to why he was arrested – and it was something very simple. Police claim that Treys problems started because he refused to follow the football stadium’s COVID-19 protection protocol and wear a mask.

The KCPD went further, claiming that soccer fans were starting to complain that Trey was not following Arrowhead Stadium safety rules and that once the stadium security was called and they couldn’t get him to comply or succeed to remove, called the local police and they had to handle the problem.

When the police arrived, things quickly escalated when Trey reportedly continued to refuse to obey orders and eventually learned that he was under arrest. Police also claim Trey hit a cop and headlocked him. After more police officers were called in to check the situation, he was finally arrested and taken away.

As we previously reported, Trey Songz and a police officer got into an argument. In the video you can see Trey and the officer fighting each other. He was able to bandage and punch the officer in the head. Not long, because the officer then held him in place.

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