TSR Optimistic Photographs: Jay-Z & Meek Mill’s REFORM Alliance Sees Main Victory As California Governor Newsom Enacts New Probation Regulation

Meek Mill and Jay-Z give back to inmates, law enforcement officers, and prison health care workers by donating masks through their organization.

With over 3,000 emails and a relentless campaign, the efforts of #JayZ and # MeekMill have not gone unnoticed. Thanks to the REFORM Alliance, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill – AB 1950 – that has had a significant impact on the state’s probation system.

The newly signed law limits the adult suspended sentence to a maximum of 1 year for offenses and 2 years for offenses, according to @tmztv.

“I would like to thank Governor Newsom for his leadership in signing AB 1950, the most transformative parole law in the country to date,” JAY-Z said in a statement. “This is a first step that I hope will usher in a wave of much-needed change across the country.”

As we previously reported, on Wednesday Gavin Newsom signed another major bill that would allow the state to pay reparations to black Californians, especially those who are descendants of slaves.

While the law does not specify a specific method of payment or amount, it does require a nine-member task force to assemble and make recommendations on how reparations should be made, such as compensation or reimbursement.

Along with possible redress, the Task Force can make recommendations on the elimination of state laws and policies that perpetuate discrimination and formally apologize “for pursuing serious human rights violations and crimes against humanity against African slaves and their descendants”. according to @sacramentobee.

The task force will also detail the effects of slavery and systemic racism.

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