TSR Politics: Nancy Pelosi Narrowly Wins Reelection As Home Speaker

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi officially named Joe Biden president on Monday with the 2020 presidential election just around the corner.

On Sunday #NancyPelosi was re-elected as Speaker of the House.

According to @apnews, the California Democrat received 216 votes against her opponent, California Republican house manager Kevin McCarthy, in which he received 207 votes.

Nancy said they should “start the new Congress at a time of extreme difficulty”. After the last Congress passed an aid package in the past few days, she stressed that “the most urgent priority for lawmakers will remain defeating the coronavirus,” reports @npr.

As you may know, TMZ reported that the House of the Speaker of Parliament in San Francisco was the site of reported vandalism on New Year’s Eve that authorities believe may be linked to the ongoing battle for higher stimulus payments. Pelosi’s garage door and driveway were reportedly “Cancel Rent!” and “We want everything” in big black letters on her door.

There also seemed to be a pig’s head and fake blood in front of their garage. Local authorities in San Francisco confirmed that they responded to a vandalism call to Nancy Pelosi around 3 a.m. Then a police report was filed, but it is currently unclear whether there are any clear suspects.

As previously reported, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell completely opposed the proposal to increase payments to $ 2,000.

Nancy Pelosi publicly called on McConnell during a heated hearing in Congress earlier this week after claiming there was “no realistic way” to achieve this.

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