TSR Unique: Ne-Yo & Crystal Smith Element Their Marriage Proposal That Virtually Went Mistaken After A Good friend Provided To Help- “It Was About To Get Bodily” (Video)

It’s safe to say that #NeYo and #CrystalSmith are the two people considered to be the comeback couple of 2020. After Ne-Yo filed for divorce earlier this year, the couple finally decided to work on their marriage and it seems all is well

In an exclusive clip from @ owntvs #BehindEveryMan received by #TheShadeRoom, the couple describe their marriage proposal that almost went wrong. Ne-Yo reached out to one of Crystal’s homegirls for help on the occasion, and things were a little uncomfortable at first.

In the clip, Ne-Yo says:

“It was a homegirl of hers who knew the jewelers from whom I got the ring. Her homegirl said: “I’ll come and get the ring for you. She won’t see me, she won’t know. ‘All right, cool! So she shows up but knocks on the door. “

Since Chile didn’t know who was at the door, Crystal answered and wasn’t here for the cheap balloons. “I answer the door and it’s an acquaintance. Not that I’m a bougie, but she showed up with a couple of dollar balloons and a card.

After hearing that Ne-Yo had paid for the flight and a room, Crystal thought that something strange was going on between Ne-Yo and the friend. She was so surprised that “it was going to get physical soon,” explained Crystal.

Fortunately, Ne-yo stepped in and asked the question. Crystal no longer worried about their acquaintance, but wondered why Ne-Yo hadn’t at least told her to get her nails done before suggesting.

Check out the clip below, Roomies.

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