TSR Unique: Singer Kaiya Speaks Out After Resurfaced Clip From VH1 “Signed” Traits On Twitter

Roommate, the colorism issue has been high on our timeline all week, and it’s no surprise it’s back on Twitter. Rick Ross was trending on Twitter today after a re-emerged clip from his 2017 TV show “Signed,” which featured him, The Dream and Lenny S as judges. The show was geared towards finding a new R&B star to sign with Roc Nation. MMG, or Radio Killa Records. In the clip, the singers JustBrittany and Kaiya presented their songs on Rick’s instrumental “Aston Martin Music”.

When Brittany performed, she easily won over the judges who received great feedback from the men. After Brittany performed, Rick told her the future was bright, The Dream said the music was bright, and Lenny told her performing the song was “the smartest move of her life.” As soon as Kaiya appeared, their feedback wasn’t the same. Rick told her the song wasn’t the best platform for her unique voice, and Brit sounded better than her.

Everyone on social media left multiple comments that included the colorism industry among others. TSR spoke exclusively to Kaiya for their reaction on the trending topic. Kaiya said, “The resurfacing of the video is so surreal. I am humble that so many people supported my trip. Colorism is a topic that needs to be fully discussed and not summed up in one answer, but it is very daunting to know that so many men or women are going through it. “She went on to say,” Playing black women and men off against each other or making it where some are seen as superior is sad. I hope it will be addressed and corrected in the future over the years. ”

Kaiya gave more insight into her post-show experiences and the relationships she developed with the other participants. She told TSR the experience was “very positive. I met some really talented people, we made friends and we kept in touch. The guides and reviews I’ve received on my overall performance have been invaluable. “

Everyone wants to know what Kaiya is up to to release new music. She said, “I never stopped performing. I’m currently writing original songs. I also reach out to other songwriters and producers. I perfect my sound every day. I achieve this by making personal experiences over the years and setting them to music. “She is in the process of posting new videos.

Until now, Kaiya has not heard from Rick Ross, The Dream or Lenny S. She understands: “The men are super busy and it will be great to work with them again!” Kaiya gave some advice to aspiring singers: “Keep grinding. Stay motivated and focused. Always work to improve your brand. Collaboration! Collaboration !! Collaboration !!! This is important because you will be exposed to others who are in business and valuable connections will be made. “

Good luck, Kaiya. We roll for you!

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