Twitter Customers Talk about Design Similarities Between Guess & Telfar

Roommates, when it comes to black-owned luxury, you can’t cut your timeline short without seeing someone count down the days to the next Telfar ‘Shopping Bag’ release. The bags are so popular that they usually sell out within minutes of being dropped! If you’re lucky like me, you might have a bag or two secured. While many remain loyal to the brand, another company is trying to convince their customers to buy from them at affordable prices.

There was quite a bit of conversation on Twitter today about fashion brand Guess after they launched their line of handbags, which is very similar to Telfar’s design. According to Paper Mag, Guess currently sells Embossed Logo G-Tote leather in a variety of sizes and colors at a low price of $ 78 to $ 95, compared to Telfar’s bags of between $ 150 and $ 257.

Although Guess doesn’t have the bags on their website, customers can purchase the models through third-party suppliers like Hudson’s Bay, Macy’s, and Dillard’s. Now you know there is nothing you can do without Black Twitter giving its opinion. Many feel that Guess is heavily inspired by the Black brand.

One Twitter user wrote: “Why didn’t Guess work with the makers of Telfar ?!” Another tweeted, “Guess has always mimicked other brands’ wallet designs. It’s not new … But the Telfar is really ridiculous. “

Telfar wasn’t the only brand Twitter users have compared Guess designs to. They also brought up Prada because Guess has a “Little Bay Shoulder Bag” that retails for $ 68.00, which appears to be similar to Prada’s “Re-Edition 2000 Nylon Mini Bag”, which costs $ 795.

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