Twitter Launches New Disappearing Tales Function Referred to as “Fleets” To Rival Instagram Tales

Roommate, in the ever-increasing competition between social media platforms, Twitter has just launched a new feature that competes directly with Instagram. Twitter recently unveiled its new feature called “Fleets,” which are stories that disappear after a certain amount of time – just like Instagram stories.

With the new “Fleet” feature of Twitter, users can post short-lived photos or texts that automatically disappear after 24 hours. The new feature will be available to all iPhone and Android users in the next few days.

Twitter said it realized that many users were simply lurking on the platform and rarely posting. “Fleets”, it was said, could make communication easier for people without having to worry about scrutinizing their posts.

“We learned that some people are more comfortable with this ephemeral format when they join conversations on Twitter. So what they say lives only for a moment,” said Joshua Harris, a design director for Twitter. “We can create a space with less pressure where people can express themselves in ways that feel a bit safer.”

Twitter’s move is part of a larger shift from social media companies to more private and temporary modes of sharing. Because public sharing on social media has spread toxic content and misinformation, many people have tried to minimize their digital footprints and communicate in more intimate groups.

So far, the reaction to “fleets” has been inconsistent – but that’s generally the feeling when a new feature is introduced on a social media platform.

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