Waka Flocka Seemingly Calls Out T.I. For Anti-Violence Message: ‘By no means Discuss Down On Folks When You As soon as Was The Particular person You Speaking Down On’

TI hit all kinds of nerves when he basically asked that people not bring violence to the city of Atlanta, which he described as a “beautiful progressive city full of black excellence.” While the news itself wasn’t particularly controversial, people had problems with Tips timing. He posted it on his IG just three days after the rising star and Chicago rapper King Von died on ATL.

While TI later cleared up any confusion that his message was NOT Von’s murder, this did not prevent those closest to King Von, such as his sister, from coming to TI

Then Waka Flocka entered the chat. Waka, who is also from Atlanta, apparently addressed TI’s embassy with its own message.

In its IG story, Waka Tip’s message was essentially hypocritical without ever saying TI’s name. But the gag is, Waka also liked a post titled TI, which Waka then shared in his IG story.

“I don’t even know how to say this, ay look, never talk about people when you were once the person you were talking about,” Waka began his monologue. “I have no idea what the scenario is. Ever. And I’m talking about people who come off the street, not people who say they did. “

Waka continued, “Bruh, I don’t care how far I get in life, bruh, I would never look down on anyone on the street or anything they ever do on the street because I understand the laws and the lifestyle that go with it and when you get this, a lot of things not to talk about. You don’t. Just saying. And some people call it no growth. That’s not it. ‘N **** s know what they signed up for. “

As for the post that Waka liked, it was Tip’s first message, headed, “Shumody, tell @ disrupteman31 n *** a, if you were a street n *** a as you claimed you would know that it is t no when, where or why on beef d ** k head. “

Despite Tip’s initial clarification, he still has to respond to his critics. We’ll keep you up to date.

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