Wash Put up Op-ed: Sen. Paul Is A ‘Monster’ For Questioning Trans Insurance policies for Children

The prospective Assistant Secretary of Health of the United States can’t even give the exact gender, but Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is the “monster” to express concerns about how someone like this might oversee America’s medical bureaucracy.

In a statement for the Washington Post, columnist and style reporter Monica Hesse went into dog-ass mode on the Kentucky Senator on Feb.26 after refusing to draw blows while serving Biden’s potential Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine during her Senate confirmation hearing. Hessen called Paul’s questioning of the commissioner a “tirade” full of “ignorance” and “degrading” questions.

Let’s set the right context here, of course. Levine, a biological man who is now a “trans woman,” has a history of advocating controversial and dangerous transgender practices for children. Though Hessen couldn’t bother wondering if a medical bureau in Biden run by a transactivist would have strange effects on the health of American children. Anyone who was skeptical, like Paul, drew her anger.

The columnist questioned the senator’s question: “Dr. Levine, you supported [minors] Hormone blockers and surgical reconstruction of a child’s genitals. “Hessen called it a” tirade “and beat him up for comparing it to genital mutilation of the kind in countries prone to human rights abuses.

The fact that Paul’s question about the serious consequences for the safety and health of children has only been glossed over and dismissed is extremely worrying. Hesse ignored it and furthermore turned to what she saw when Paul linked it to a more serious female genital mutilation (FGM) problem, as if that were to completely divert the audience from the horror that was in Levine’s views . Clever tactics. It’s like trying to get the jury to release the killer because the prosecutor linked the 2nd degree murder to the 1st degree murder.

For example, is FGM other than helping a child surgically remove their genitals? The last time we checked, rape was the type of sexual interaction with children under the age of 18 – even if they consented. The point is, you can’t agree. But now you can?

Again, these are serious questions, and despite the ramifications of such an appointment, our columnist’s counter-argument has been limited to being the “first public transgender federal official to be ratified by the US Senate”. Heaven forbids us to ruin the moment we wake up. The piece even had Dr. Levine’s ridiculous answer to Paul’s question slip: “She had the right to be upset about Paul’s ignorance, but she replied on Thursday by repeating a steady message:” Transgender medicine is a complex and nuanced field. ‘”

“Really?” That’s it? Your answer meant nothing, but it was “stable” and yes, Mr. Paul was “demeaning”.

Ms. Hesse’s own justification for taking Levine’s side is exactly the same as that of the trans PhD: “Medical cases are complex and there are areas of study and many experts who have devoted their entire careers to thinking about ethical practices.” Mmhmm. So the argument is essentially, “It’s not what you think, brother.” Oh yes, that’s convincing.

Again, the other main focus of their argument was that Levine was so nice compared to Paul. Hesse wrote: “Levine sat behind a table for three hours wearing a patterned blazer, a pearl necklace, glasses and a gray haircut. She sounded nervous at times, but always remained calm. ” Oh that is good. Beautiful is good. You can convince little Timmy that he can have a sex reassignment as long as everyone stays “calm”.

The piece added, “If you’ve seen her interact with Paul, you may have seen someone act monstrous. But it definitely wasn’t. “And this is how they will justify future wrongdoing. They will not answer our valid questions and will just call us mean. What else is new?

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