WashPost Warmly Welcomes Latest Radical to ‘The Squad,’ BLM Chief Cori Bush

On Wednesday, the zippy profile on the front of the Washington Post’s “Style” section was a sugary profile of the youngest socialist radical to win a seat in the House of Representatives, Missouri Cori Bush. The headline in the newspaper was bloated:

March straight into the house

Cori Bush, a Ferguson protest leader and once homeless nurse, says she knows where America hurts

Jada Yuan, who threw sugar on the prominent leftist Valerie Plame for Congress a year ago (she lost elementary school to a Latina) began.

Cori Bush was missing her megaphone. Sometime in August, someone broke into their SUV, searched the car and stole it – and nothing else.

This is the kind of not-so-subtle message of intimidation that the Congresswoman-elected activist has gotten used to being a leading organizer of Black Lives Matter in and around Ferguson, Missouri, where the movement began for over six years.

So the crimes happen to Bush, and no crimes stem from protests against Black Lives Matter. There is nothing in Ferguson that has destroyed businesses. That distracts from the narrative.

Instead, the troops may welcome their radicalism – whoops, make these “lived experiences” – in the congress:

On January 3rd, she will be sworn in at the Capitol – not only as the first black woman to represent Missouri in the 200-year history of her state, but also as the first BLM protester to earn a place in these sacred halls every day. Last week she was called to serve on the powerful judicial committee of the house that she had campaigned for since winning her elementary school.

What she brings with her in this time of generational struggles in the Democratic Party is a wealth of lived experiences that many of her colleagues lack. She will be one of the few people on this legislature staffed with millionaires who, as Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) Said, “fully understand the magnitude and extent of the injuries so many are currently suffering “.

Nobody who is critical of Cori comes into this article, only left-wing colleagues:

She understands that justice is not the same as law enforcement. She said she was “trampled” and “kicked like a rag doll” by six to eight police officers one night in 2014 while trying to help a woman who appears to have had a heart attack.

“Cori is not a person who seeks leadership because of the title,” she said [Rashida] Loaf. “She’s someone who looked for it because she was tired and exhausted, as she would say, watching people do nothing to help those who hurt the most.”

There’s only one suggestion that Cori might cause trouble for the Democrats:

As part of their party left flank, She will find herself in an intramural battle over ideas like “Defund the Police” and “Medicare-for-All”. activist Slogans feared by Democratic leaders contributed to the party’s loss in the November elections.

To get a sense of how radical Cori Bush’s agenda is – precisely in coordination with Tlaib and Pressley, AOC and Ilhan Omar – one needs to break through the post buffers and see The Federalist.

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