Whiny Politico Bigots Pen Letter Decrying Shapiro Getting Printed

Two weeks ago several Politico employees threw a hissing fit in a video conference with management because they dared to allow the existence of ideological diversity in their publication. The explosion came after The Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro wrote a guest post ONE issue of Playbook (modeled on personalities from the political spectrum between the previous and current team of authors). Last week, these Politico employees showed what ideological bigots they were and wrote a letter to CEO Robert Allbritton lamenting how editors hurt their feelings.

A copy of the letter that fell into the hands of The Daily Beast on Monday. Humorous while The Daily Beast hid their report behind a paywall, Yahoo! News published their report Completely.

More than 100 Politico employees signed a letter to the publisher Robert Allbritton, in which they expressed their disgust that the right-wing brand Ben Shapiro allowed a daily edition of the Playbook as a guest author and then dealt with the Fallout ”, praised the author Maxwell Tani.

And, of course, leave it to the radical left at The Daily Beast to side with their intolerance. The piece also contained a highly edited photo of Shapiro that was just his head surrounded by darkness.

Without ever quoting anything from the letter he said they did, Tani stepped up their intolerant campaign. “The guest appearance sparked immediate backlash and criticism from many media representatives, including in Politico’s own newsroom, where employees were outraged about Slack, and during an editorial meeting for all employees after the guest column was published,” he wrote.

Tani went on to write about the release of Shapiro “demoralizes a substantial part of the newsroom,“Add:

However, the resulting response from Politico Brass has been unsatisfactory for a number of employees.

According to several Politico insiders familiar with the situation, the letter to Allbritton criticized the decision to publish Shapiro, claiming it had demoralized a significant part of the newsroom, but also railed against the reactions to criticism from editor-in-chief Matt Kaminski.

These childish Politico employees had a problem with Kaminski defending their editorial decision to tap into Shapiro by saying that the magazine’s content was “vital and alive” and an “experimentation and confusion”.

But according to Tani’s report[t]The employee letter sent to Allbritton last week claimed so Kaminski hadn’t apologized adequately for his answersHe also refers to an email he sent to staff on Jan. 15 that was received and verified by The Daily Beast. “

Throughout the piece, Tani repeatedly pressed the left smears against Shapiro. “In response, the letter’s signatories asked Allbritton how Shapiro’s extensive record of bigotry could be considered “alive” or “vital”.”He wrote at one point. in the The version of the Daily Beast of the report the slogan “neither “alive” nor “vital”Has been put under the heading.

Towards the end of the play, Tani noted that the Politico letter also contained a list of demands made on Allbritton:

Elsewhere in the message to their publisher, Politico employees called for a commitment to clarify and improve the editorial standards of the outlet. an increase in the diversity of newsrooms; an editor’s note on Shapiro’s edition of Playbook; and an internal apology for deciding to post the provocateur.

Childish pout from the group that had Mental breakdowns When they heard opinions, they did not agree.

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